Organic farming and other healthy habits in pre-school institutions

Novak Đoković Foundation has implemented the project “Azbuka dobre navike”, which was created from the needs of children, parents and preschools for the formation of good habits in the diet of children at an early age. The project was started in 2018.

As a partner on the project, Serbia Organika, in cooperation with preschool institutions in Serbian many cities and towns (Belgrade, UB and Svilajnac,  Pećinci, Jagodina) was engaged in the establishment and maintenance of “Good Gardens” for all principles of organic production in which children were introduced to natural processes and participated in the gardens under the supervision of educators and experts of Serbia Organica. Composting was done within the gardens, as an important part of the gardening work as well.

During the project, children and educators also visited the organic farm that has been involved in this production for almost a decade. This visit was also attended by children and educators who were interested in the knowledge about organic production that they got through the project and dealing with their “good gardens”.

Another important aspect of this project was the education of educators and parents about organic production in order to further transfer the acquired knowledge and experience to children during the project implementation. Children with educators with the expert support from the team of Serbia Organics had the opportunity to get acquainted with organic production on organic farms where organic producers on the spot gave them their knowledge and experience gained in dealing with this production. To improve healthy eating habits, cooking workshops for parents and children were also conducted.

“Azbuka dobre navike” is a pilot program of education and practical adoption of good eating habits within pre-school institutions, where the Foundation examined possibilities for further implementation of this and similar programs in kindergartens throughout Serbia. The aim of the project was to support the efforts of institutions to preschool institutions to be the first step of learning and the healthy habits that children can acquire.