Visit to organic farms

On March 01 the team of “Good Earth” visited an organic farm in Bardovci. During the visit of their long-time associates they talked about their impressions on the development of organic production in North Macedonia and the working conditions. From their farm they got lettuce, chard, parsley, pumpkin, corn, potato and the famous Bard cabbage.

On 10 March the team of “Good Earth” visited the only organic rice producer in North Macedonia. In the European stork village Cheshinovo, near Kocani, they met their old friend Jordanco, the initiator of the Citizens’ Association for Sustainable Rice Production “Orizova Bratimka”. In an inspiring conversation with their host, they received a great deal of information on the work of the association, rice production with minimal water use and no use of pesticides and other contaminants. The idea for such a production, called Bio-Smart Rice, won the 2019 regional competition “Philanthropy through Green Ideas”. Good Earth, 2015 was the first Macedonian winner in the history of that competition.