Visit to orchards near village of Zarapinci, Sv. Nikole.

On the 21st of June we had a beautiful walk among the orchards near the village of Zarapinci, Sv. Nikole. Accompanied by our host Angel, producer of organic cherries, apricots, plums and peaches, members of Good Earth co-op learned about the difficulties and challenges of organic production while enjoying is green and life full oasis surrounded by hills. Even though there is lack of rain during the summer period, Angel manages to maintain his production stable without using water. “There is a lot of water beneath the ground” – he says. “That’s what’s keeps the plants growing”.  

Unfortunately, the cold wave we had around two months ago, has destroyed this year’s apricot production in most of the parts of the country. But the cherries are doing well and we didn’t leave without trying them and taking some home.

Angel is also trying to set up a small processing factory, so he can make juice, compote, and jam out of the fruits. “If everything goes well, It will be done till next year” – he says. And it usually it’s like he says, cause of his uncommon working spirit.