Visit to organic farm in v. Palikura

Uncle Dragi is what the term “farmer” represents. A man who struggles with his own hands and labor to survive in a country where novelties are viewed with caution and suspicion, and the conventional is the norm, both in life and in agriculture. To work organically at a time when many people are still unfamiliar with what it is, to be one of the first, can be a burden. But Uncle Dragi bravely handles it and is not uncompromising in his choice. “Once I started with organic, there was no going back.”

But times changed and showed that he didn’t make a mistake in his choice. Despite the continuous cooperation with “Good Earth” for 5 years, Uncle Dragi has been exporting outside the borders of Macedonia for two years, which is not a wonder, given the quality of his products.
The members and consumers of “Good Earth” are well acquainted with its delicious tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, celery and perhaps the most delicious carrots we have ever tasted (these are not just the words of the author of this text). It is obvious that Dragi knows and masters the method of production, to which an additional indicator is the diploma for plowman of the year which proudly stands on the wall in the living room.

The main problem he faces is finding seasonal workers. “I offer them the best possible conditions and it is still difficult to find people,” he said. But when it is most needed, there is always the family that comes to the rescue. Our impression is that this is a general problem for all farmers.
The photos were taken during one of the regular visits organized by Good Earth, in order to bring together farmers and buyers of their products. It was a special pleasure to organize this visit, to work in the fields with peppers, and later to sit down and listen to his life stories, because Uncle Dragi is always an interesting storyteller. But, to be honest, the greatest pleasure was given to us by enjoying the taste of Aunt Ruza’s homemade bread, combined with homemade pindzur, cheese and of course … rakija.