Visit to organic farm in v. Kamenica, Valjevo

During May team of Serbia Organica visited organic farm of Pavle Đorđević in Valjevska Kamenica in Western Serbia founded a few years ago by a young agricultural engineer from Belgrade. The farm is located on a hilly area, there is a lake on the farm and it is rich in biodiversity.

He and his colleagues and friends grow  many kind of fruits and vegetables, chickens, quail birds,  on agricultural land of  4,1 hectares. They are processing also and their produce are jam, spreads,  dry  herbs, and other products  and organic products are sold under the brand “Organela”.

During the visit they talked about unique in the concept they developed on  their farm.

As Pavle said: “To this day we have had over 1,500 families reach out to us, from mothers to people with health problems, seeking completely pesticides free food, rare plants, and herbs that they can’t find anywhere. On the other hand, some people just want a juicy, tasty tomato for their salad. The concept we are presenting to you was created out of these needs.

It works in the following way – we dedicate a garden to you on our farm, on which we are growing exactly what you would like. This means that using our application you can select any species of plant to be grown in your garden. We are offering completely transparent cultivation, so you can visit your garden at any time or watch it live by a web camera. Before the season starts, we create a contract that clearly defines species, varieties, amount of food and the price. Our job is to take care of your garden throughout the season and deliver your produce weekly.”