Hidden pearl near us

Pure and untouched nature. One has a rare opportunity to be surrounded by such beauty.
That is the impression we had during our visit to this area, only 70 kilometers south of Skopje, but due to the poor connection with the capital, the distance is twice as big.
The team of Good Earth, through Cana Dzukovska, president of the Association of Farmers, Beekeepers and Livestock Breeders from the Porech region “Porech Matica”, for the first time got in touch with several producers from this region. We were surprised to find that in this area it is still produced mainly in the traditional way, without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Organic, in its essence. Without wanting to go into the reasons for this situation, whether it is the cut-off or the economic factor, we can conclude that we have a hidden pearl very close that is yet to be discovered.

Surrounded by mountains, lush nature and abundance of clean water, in this region there are mainly small producers, who in the absence of opportunities to purchase their products, have reduced their production to meet their needs. We hope that with our introduction and cooperation, the situation will begin to change.
A special example that we would single out is the company for fresh and processed mushrooms, which by investing in the latest equipment for processing and drying of these products, opens new opportunities for development of this region.
A positive change is the establishment of the association in 2018, through which we got in touch with the producers, and whose main goal is to revive the area by organizing various initiatives, initiating cooperation and solving the problems of the local population.
As we left with positive impressions, we are confident that this visit will pave the way for fruitful cooperation in the future and our members and consumers will soon have the opportunity to try these delicious products.

The team of Good Earth