Organic Agriculture Innovation Platform is a project funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme (Key Action 2 – KA 204 – Strategic partnerships for adult education) and it brings organizations from different countries partnering together to develop new innovative resources to the benefit of the citizens, more specifically farmers, adult education providers and local CSOs working in the field of agriculture and environment. Educating adults about organic food production is the focus of this partnership project. Forum CSRD (North Macedonia) is the lead organization partnering with Serbia Organica (Serbia), Eko Zadar (Croatia), Bulgarian School of Politica “Dimitry Panitza” (Bulgaria), Macedonia Export (North Macedonia) and Good Earth (North Macedonia).

Within this project, we created two handbooks, Organic Farming Handbook and Handbook on Creation of a Brand Plan. The activity started on April 1st and was completed on August 31st. The handbooks are part of an educational package aiming at the training of farmers of North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

The Organic Farming Handbook is developed to improve quality and availability of didactic material on organic agriculture in the participating countries. It offers a resources basis for trainers with the idea of encouraging individual adaptation and further development of the material according to the needs. It can be used as a guide and source book to implement training programmes. It will also help in developing the structure of training courses or workshops, and provide material and ideas for its organisation. It is anticipated that trainers and trainees already have some agricultural background and that the training activities will focus on aspect specifically relevant to organic agriculture. However, it does not provide in-depth practical know-how management of specific crops or animals. The handbook addresses trainers and resources persons who are engaged in training activities on organic agriculture. It can be used to facilitate training for trainers and extension workers, but also directly for farmers interested in learning about organic agriculture. The main focus of the handbook is on small farmers in the countries covered by the project North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. This region includes various types of crops and farming systems. Therefore the handbook addresses mostly topics of general relevance but provides examples from different countries.

The Handbook on Creation of a Brand Plan provides basic knowledge about development of a brand plan, why it is important and what are the main elements of a brand plan. It will be useful for the providers of a course on organic agriculture, and the farmers who want to brand their product, but first they need to have a clear understanding of what developing a brand requires before they get started.

The handbooks can be downloaded here: