Second Transnational project meeting

The Second TPM of the Erasmus+ Organic Agriculture Innovation Platform Project was held on 21 September 2020, and it started at 12:00 on-line, using the Zoom platform. The reason for scheduling the meeting online is the ongoing pandemic Covid 19, and the uncertainty when it will end. We did not what to postpone the meeting for the next months because we had important things to discuss related to the next planned activities.

After all the participants joined the meeting through the link that we sent them, the meeting started with official welcome by the Executive Director of Forum CSRD, Slagjan Penev and the Project Coordinator, Cvetanka Mihajlovska.

The meeting continued with presentation of the interim report and discussion about the project progress. We discussed the overall state of the project, and what we have accomplished so far. Everyone expressed the satisfaction that all the activities were implemented on time, without delays, and that all of the participants have fulfilled their obligations to the project. 

In the first part of the meeting we also discussed the project management and the administrative aspect of the project. Also, we talked about the project publicity, and how to increase project’s visibility.

In the second part of the meeting, we discussed the activities planned until our next meeting: creation of a Curriculum on organic farming, and two trainings (on organic farming and branding). We talked about every aspect of the creation and implementation process, possible obstacles and how to overcome them. In the next three months we will work on the Curriculum. After the completion of the curriculum, if the situation allows us, we will organize two trainings with physical presence, in Skopje and Belgrade. If the pandemic continue in the following year, we will have another meeting to discuss whether to hold the trainings online, or to postpone them for few months, as the National Agency informed us that we are allowed to make a break in the implementation of the project, due to the circumstances.

The meeting passed in a good atmosphere, and everyone participated in the discussions. We agreed to keep in touch more frequently in the next period, since the creation of the next joint intellectual output requires us to do so.