Days of Open Organic Farms

Serbia Organica organizes the „Days of Open Organic Farms” several times a year  to promote organic production, support farmers and increase public awareness especially in the urban areas.

With the support of the MAFWM within the project “Take Organic”, one weekend in September this event took place in Western Serbia, on the slopes of Valjevo mountains where the small village Valjevska Kamenica hosted over 40 people visiting two organic farms.
First we took visitors coming mostly from Belgrade, to organic farm ” Simply organic” located on a hilly area, at an altitude of 350 m above sea level surrounded by a natural lake and forest.
This farm grows fruits and vegetables on almost 7 hectares,  using the most advanced agroecological methods in a closed production system, without the use of chemicals, in harmony with natural processes. Produce from this farm is made in cooperation with nature, with a holistic, ecological and ethical approach.

Our visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the  farm, to learn more about the production process, and to enjoy the untouched nature. They also bought organic products from the rich offer of the household – fresh and processed seasonal products: onions, carrots, primroses (jagorčevinu jesi na to mislila), parsnips, white and red potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, fresh and pickled, young beets, marigold petal tea, dried lavender.

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Description: C:\Users\Ivana\Documents\МПШВ 2020\REALIZACIJA AKTIVNOSTI\Slike dani otv farmi, 19.09\119917180_3266780503419058_3310846351053336091_o.jpg

Another farm was  „Organela“ located also in a hilly area, cultivating and producing organically on  4,1 hectares. Specificity of this farm is a lake and richness of biodiversity.  The farm is immersed in intact nature  where deer, rabbits, pheasants, storks, ducks, frogs, turtles, hawks and various other animals can be met almost every day. And nature has provided  fresh air, clean water, healthy and fertile land.
On the farm are grown different varieties of fruits and vegetables and collected medicinal herbs. Working with nature makes everything easier, and quality and taste are therefore inevitable.
The seasonal offer of this farm includes – peppers, tomatoes, primroses, basil, chard, pears, apples, nettle juice (ovo bi bilo napitak kao ono u hokus pokus, verovatno si mislila na sok) potion, fresh young nettles, wild mint, as well as strawberry spreads and strawberry juice.