Visit to Kamnik Bio Organic

New certified organic eggs that we received recently in “Good Earth”, were the perfect occasion to visit Kamnik Bio Organic, which we experienced as a small oasis of organic production.

We met Ivo – the owner of Kamnik Bio Organic, who has been into organic production for several years. In a short walk he explained us the operational processes of the farm. From the organic cereals (wheat, barley, spelled and rye) they produce flour and provide food for the hens. Cereal husks are used in the rooms where the chickens are housed, which later creates quality chicken manure which is further used to improve the soil where organic vegetables are produced, while vegetable waste is food for the chickens.

“Running Chickens”, 150 in number, have a space of 2ha to enjoy their freedom. At night they are kept in enclosed rooms guarded by dogs, as additional protection from predators. The humane approach to the chickens and the provision of all natural conditions necessary for their normal habitat, makes these eggs special. Without a doubt, we declare these chickens to be happy chickens 🙂